How rude of me

On a whim yesterday I decided to start a blog. See what had happened was I was up all night thinking about well… everything really. Since I could not sleep, I wrote. When I was a child I journaled a lot and I really enjoyed the outlet it provided for me and all my thoughts. This was until my parents found my journals and I quickly learned the valuable lesson that writing down all my feelings for whoever to get their hands on was not the greatest idea. I am sure you can imagine what a pre-teen or teen may have wrote about and needless to say, I was pretty horrified. 

Anyways, back to the reason for this post. How rude was I not to introduce myself?! My apologies, I got a little carried away. My name is Kris.  I am a single mother of a redheaded fiery, but sweet 12 year old boy.  Can I please just take two seconds to talk about having a “Tween”?  Where is the manual or warning label for this? I have been trying to recall if I was so boy crazy as my son and his friends are girl crazy at 12 years old. And another thing, when did it become the cool thing to think nothing was cool? Are all Pre-teens (tweens) so disinterested in literally everything?

He guys what do you want to eat? Response: I don’t care. Do you like this pair of shoes for school? Response: I don’t know.  Would you like your mom to walk you into class  dressed as clown? Response: (slowly looking up from whatever electronic they are currently using) I don’t care. I tell you what, I wish I had a fast forward button for this phase.

Sorry, back to my introduction. Ill be honest, I don’t have a foolproof plan for this. My goal is to share my experiences, my life, things I have learned; in hopes that I might make you laugh, identify or relate.  If we are lucky I can teach you something and save you the trouble of having to learn the hard way like I most likely did.

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